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Rugged Droplet Ring - Handcrafted


Organically Shaped Droplet Ring


Every piece is handmade and therefor unique in shape.


Made to order. Send your ringsize as precisely as possible. 


As all products are made by hand, production time can run up to about 3-4 weeks (silver) and 4-5 weeks (goldplated).



Goldplated Tips & tricks:

- Take off your gold plated jewelry while showering, swimming or washing your hands. The gold plating is very sensitive to water and chlorine         

- If you come into contact with chemical products, such as detergent or washing-up liquid, take off your jewelry and do not put it back on until your hands are dry         

- Take off your jewelry when spraying perfume or hairspray. Also, take them off if you apply a lotion or (sunscreen) cream!         

- Take off your gold plated jewelry while exercising. Sweat has a negative effect on the gold plating and its colour. 


Rugged Droplet

€ 140,00Price
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