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Tigerpop about us Madelon
Tigerpop handmade silver droplet rings


Dare to be bold!
Wear Tigerpop statement pieces.
Handmade silver & gold Jewelry.

My work is inspired by the beautiful patterns in nature. Like nature my projects are also bold, powerful and full of energy.


I started Tigerpop because I had a hard time finding jewelry I like. Most jewelry is too tiny or too petite for my taste, lacks real power, and does not feel like 'me'. Smithing allows me to make the stuff I envision myself. I am bursting with new ideas every single day.


My jewelry can be inspired by the waves of a rugged ocean, or by beautiful ancient tribal jewelry. Often I find vintage pieces of jewelry and revive their energy, their story into new contemporary pieces. 

I love the way jewelry becomes part of your life, in celebrating the good but also protecting you in hard times. Pieces that stay with you in your lifetime and even survive you and get passed on to your children and grandchildren. Jewelry tells a story. It tells the story who you are and the life you live(d).

All Tigerpop jewelry is made in my atelier in Amsterdam. Most pieces are made to order, so take into account some production time. Bare with me.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate ton contact me. Love to hear from you.



Love to hear from you!

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