Goldplated Love token necklace (Dutch gulden).


It's a 1,5 mm wide goldplated gourmet chain necklace with a length of 60 cm.


It's 925 silver with a layer of 18kt gold.


We offer a 4 month warranty on the goldplating. As is just a thin layer of gold on top of the silver,  you need to take extra care of your jewelry.


Tips & tricks:

- Take off your gold plated jewelry while showering, swimming or washing your hands. The gold plating is very sensitive to water and chlorine         

- If you come into contact with chemical products, such as detergent or washing-up liquid, take off your jewelry and do not put it back on until your hands are dry         

- Take off your jewelry when spraying perfume or hairspray. Also, take them off if you apply a lotion or (sunscreen) cream!         

- Take off your gold plated jewelry while exercising. Sweat has a negative effect on the gold plating and its colour. 


Love Token Necklace

€ 110,00Price